Our Methodology has always been contextual: language is learned through situations (contexts) such as:

  • General (Basic levels)
  • Mixt (general and business)
  • Pre-intermediate and intermediate-advanced (business).

Thanks to an approach that is both fun and stimulating, students are more motivated and can learn in a more linear and serene environment.

The methodological approach is continually reviewed and developed so as to keep up with new technological innovations that inform and support class learning (Blended Learning, Video Communications, etc.), keeping up with constantly evolving market demands.

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The Situational Context Approach

New vocabulary and structures are introduced within the context of a given Situation. The teacher explains the new words and structures in English, always using a very Practical Approach.

At this point a new situation is introduced so as to apply what has been learned and focus on remaining gaps as well as new notions.

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The importance of consolidation

Being able to immerse yourself in the target language is crucial if you want to learn faster, so the more contact you have with the language the better.

By giving all our users access to our exclusive Virtual Language Lab, we give them the opportunity to access an unlimited number of language stimuli, be they multimedia resources (such as video and audio) or interactive texts and exercises.

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