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British Class! © – Interactive English courses by British School International allow you to speak English with certified mother-tongue teachers in small groups where you can easily meet new friends, learn fast, and also have fun.


Every week you will have the option to change the day and time of your lesson, even on the same day, with maximum flexibility.

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Besides your time in Class, where you can interact directly with your teacher and improve your grammar and vocabulary, you will also have an online course called My Course that will allow you to consolidate all the notions you have learned in the classroom.

You can book your own Classroom sessions even at the last minute* by accessing the online schedule in the top banner (“British Class! © Interactive English  > ENTER“)

With British Class! © – Interactive English you have the flexibility to communicate in English, in fun, interactive class sessions. Classes range from individual lessons to a maximum of 15 students depending on how many people book the lesson; beyond 15 for any given session the system blocks bookings so as to guarantee maximum group interaction.

Included are: the Placement Test, Needs Analysis, My Course © online course, and 12-month unlimited access to My Lab © (our Virtual Language Lab), allowing you to improve your listening, reading, writing, vocabulary, and grammar abilities.

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You can finally speak English flexibly, in engaging live class sessions during the week or on Saturday morning, in dedicated learning environments.


Furthermore, you will have access to My Course, British School International’s online course, to help improve and consolidate your vocabulary, listening comprehension, grammar, reading and writing competencies.


The offer also includes the Cambridge Test, a British School Council of Europe Certificate (CEFR COE ©), and BSI Membership, giving you access to a series of discounts and facilitations.



Getting all the services included in the British Class! © – Interactive English offer is easy:

Once you have got your Coupon, go to our school: the British School International staff will give you access to the Registration page and Language Test page.

Depending on your level, e.g. Basic (basic English), Elementary (beginner-false beginner English), or Advanced (intermediate-advanced English), you will have access to an online schedule where you can book on any day, in any classroom, any slots corresponding to your level (Basic, Elementary, Advanced).

The schedule may be accessed any time by going to www.bsinternational.eu/interactive. Then, simply insert the Coupon Code and the Security Code. This will allow you to:

  1. Book your weekly class lesson: in the menu, click on ClassRoom, then simply select the time and day you prefer. Take a printout of your booking confirmation to class and your teacher will welcome you to the lesson. Every week you can choose the day or time that suits you best.

Access the British School International online course: from the menu, click on My Course and access your course 24/7 for the duration of your offer. The placement test that you did upon registration will help you choose the right level for you. You will have access to your course for either 6 or 12 months, depending on what deal you chose.


Class lessons:  Every week you have the right to 1 class lesson with a teacher; bookings automatically close when sessions have reached 15 participants; the schedule indicates whether a session is right for Basic (basic English), Elementary (beginner-false beginner English), or Advanced (intermediate-advanced English).

Times available from Monday to Friday are:

  • Slot 17.30-18.30
  • Slot 18.30-19.30
  • Slot 19.30-20.30
  • Slot 20.30-21.30

Times available on Saturday are:

  • Slot 10.00-11.00
  • Slot 11.00-12.00

You can vary the time and day every week, based on your needs; however, if you fail to book a lesson during any given week, or if you book too late and all sessions are already full (max. 15 participants), you do not have the right to a make-up credit; from the day you activate your course, you have either 6 or 12 months to use up your credits, after which you will no longer have access to the class lessons.


British School online course: My Course is an innovative system to learn English fast, based on a full, tested learning programme. This programme is based on audio-video and written stimuli allowing the user to learn new words and structures in context, very naturally, thanks to a series of fun exercises. Learning contents, e.g. examples and exercises, focus on real-life situations that are relevant to the user. Progress can be monitored through a  handy report section.

The course is structured based on official Common European Framework Council of Europe levels, and comprises a range from A1 (Beginner) to B2 (Intermediate), the latter allowing you to speak English fluently. Once you have finished the course, you will receive a Certificate stating your Council of Europe level.


Test Cambridge: When you have completed your course,we will activate your  Cambridge Test Licence. Once you have done the test, we will send you the result, as well as your Council of Europe Level Certificate.


My Lab (our Virtual Language Lab), as well as discounts on British School International courses, invitations to Open Days, or other British School Activities)


* Lessons can be booked even at the last minute provided they have not reached the maximum number of 15 participants.