The great technological advantage developed over these years allows BSI to bring its students to communicate in English in a simple and natural way in an extremely short time.

Time and mobility issues were long ago resolved by integrating classroom activities with advanced technology:

  • Distance learning with the support of a dedicated teacher who reviews and manually corrects the students’ work
  • Telephone training with the option of being contacted on a landline or a mobile line
  • One to one virtual classroom training on topics chosen by the student
  • Virtual classroom training in micro groups
  • General English E-learning programmes
  • Business English E-learning programmes
  • Technical English E-learning programmes


[cml_media_alt id='99']cele-mai-bune-tablete-sub-1-000-ron-acum-pe-piata-galerie-foto_5[/cml_media_alt]In-Class Activity – Blended Learning and E-Learning allow British School International © to adapt to the needs of students thanks to the innovative N.R.M. © (Natural Rapid Method) method which motivates students by way of fun and interactive learning, always in context, so that they can progressively take in English vocabulary and structures through sound and images.

Learning thus becomes natural, and whilst grammar is an important part of the process, it is not the sole focus of the training, which is aimed at bringing students to think in English from the outset, without translating from their mother tongue.

British School International © teachers are chosen not only on the basis of their long years of experience in teaching English in companies and to private individuals, with a distinct differentiation of adults and children, but also and above all on the ability to adopt and use the N.R.M. © method. Besides strict educational prerequisites (a Degree and ESL teaching qualifications) all teachers must undergo rigid recruitment tests.