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British School International © offers Language Schools and Universities a whole range of interesting services that permit an all-inclusive offer both in terms of B2Cl and B2B, as well as improving efficiency and competitiveness.

 “Service Package”

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A “Service Package” gives you:

  1. A Placement Test, either British School or, optionally, Cambridge
  2. An Automatic Needs Analysis form (private/company)
  3. Automatic forms for class composition and training plan
  4. Contract generation for teachers
  5. Organizational functions
  6. Midterm and final feedback forms to determine user satisfaction (individual students, classes and all those involved in the Training Plan)
  7. The ability to load attendance records onto an online form (downloadable in excel) which can be attached to all the other reporting.
  8. A Final exam (British or Cambridge)
  9. Radar graph report that highlights various functional skills (e.g. Socializing, Presenting, Meetings, Writing etc) the student’s skills at the start of the course, the long term objective, and the objective reached with the course.
  10. A matrix report which analyzes starting levels, final levels and objectives, as well as a description of the training plan that was carried out and the students’ performance
  11. A Final Council of Europe Certificate
  12. Various control and management functions
  13. Licences for on-line General English Courses
  14. Licences for E-Learning Business English Courses
  15. Licences for Telephone Courses
  16. Licences for Assisted Distance Learning Courses
  17. Licences for Blended N.R.M. © solutions
  18. Access to the Virtual Language Lab (My Lab ©)  for all courses


All this at an extremely competitive pro-capita value, based on each individual student.

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You will save in terms of work-hours, increase your organizational efficiency and make your training offer both more complete and more competitive than what the market offers today, thereby opening you to new markets and expanding your current segments.