[cml_media_alt id='148']speakwrite[/cml_media_alt]Speak & Write! © is an innovative, flexible, modular English course, recommended for levels ranging from A2 to C2 of the Common European Framework of the Council of Europe, for all those people who need flexibility in their English communication, both in terms of time and place.

Speak & Write! © users can in fact choose each time whether to have a telephone lesson, or a live virtual classroom lesson, or practise their writing skills by posting their own written work which will then be reviewed and corrected by their dedicated tutors.

Speak & Write! © lets Students constantly practise their fluency and check their writing accuracy: our British School International tutors are available from Monday to Friday, from 9 am to 10 pm, and a Student can also decide last minute to attend a class.


[cml_media_alt id='177']Speak&Write[/cml_media_alt]Our Individual option gives Students complete freedom to choose between a Telephone lesson (via mobile or landline phone, at their own discretion), a Virtual Classroom lesson and Writing practice: all programmes and sessions are tailor-made to meet the Students’ individual needs.

Our Group option allows access to micro-classes of 4 participants max. at a very affordable cost, with, as ever, a mother-tongue tutor; by accessing the Calendar, Users can not only choose the class most suited to their level, but also the topic that interests them most.

When choosing a telephone session, the Tutor will get in touch with the Student; when choosing the Virtual Classroom, the Student can access the service by simply clicking on the link in his Calendar. Thanks to Flash technology, all you need is a headset with a microphone, and there’s no need to install anything. When Writing is selected, the Student can simply type his work, or copy/paste it, and click “Enter” to have it back corrected a few days later, when mistakes will be highlighted in red, the corrected form in green, and all comments and links to further help/practice in blue.


Students can access the Writing area 24/7; the Speaking area, on the other hand, is open Monday to Friday, from 9 am to 11 pm: all you need to do is click the date and time available to book your telephone or live virtual classroom lesson.

Please note

[cml_media_alt id='172']EduCentre-logo01[/cml_media_alt]Speak & Write! © is integrated with My Activity © and My Course © within the EduCentre © platform, blending Assisted Distance Learning (FADA) with e-learning, telephone, virtual classroom and physical classroom programmes.


In addition, students can access the Virtual Language Lab (My Lab ©) with the benefit of unlimited, 12-month access to additional Audio – Video and Interactive activities to improve Listening Comprehension, Reading, Writing, Grammar, Vocabulary and Pronunciation skills.