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My Activity © is one of the most advanced English learning platforms on the international scene. It’s a revolutionary idea in distance learning.  The user no longer has to follow a default path:  with My Activity ©, a tailor-made programme is developed to meet the student’s needs, based on writing – listening – grammar – vocabulary and reading.

A thorough Needs Analysis identifies the key social, professional and cultural areas, and their relevance and frequency, where the user needs to communicate in English; on the basis of this information and the competence level resulting from the testing phase, a specific programme is created, consisting of Audio/Video material, Interactive Pages and Documents.

Activities are structured as follows:

Instructions > Reading / Grammar / Vocabulary / Listening (Video / Audio / Interactive) activity > Student’s written output > Review and correction by your dedicated tutors.

Recommended levels for the My Activity © programme range from A2 to C2 of the Council of Europe framework.

My Activity © is ideal to develop business competencies and to practise for Cambridge certificates (PET – FCE – CAE – CPE) and for the TOEFL ®




My Activity © is accessible from any computer,  running Windows, Mac or Linux. At regular intervals (weekly or fortnightly), the user receives his/her tasks to complete, followed gradually by all corrections and revisions, and then by new tasks.

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It’s up to you!  It’s as easy as ABC:  the course is always available 24/7, with tested and proven programmes.

Besides, your Speaking skills can be improved by combining My Activity ©  with physical classroom lessons (ClassLearn ©) or with the  Speak & Write ©  method, which lets you choose between telephone courses or live virtual classroom lessons.




Please note

My Activity © is integrated with My Course ©  and  Speak & Write! ©  within the EduCentre © platform, blending Assisted Distance Learning (ADL) with e-learning, telephone, virtual classroom and physical classroom programmes.

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In addition, students can access the Virtual Language Lab (My Lab ©) with the benefit of unlimited, 12-month access to Audio – Video and Interactive activities to improve Listening Comprehension, Reading, Writing, Grammar, Vocabulary and Pronunciation skills.