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My Course © is the online English course that will quickly improve your English skills from beginner level (A1) to high intermediate level (B2), as defined by the Council of Europe.

Users can choose between General English and Business English, both organized into modules and units with multimedia and interactive exercises aimed at developing your Listening – Reading – Grammar – Vocabulary and Writing competencies.

The training programmes are fun, and there are regular progress tests to identify your strengths and weaknesses



My Course ©  is accessible from any computer, running Windows, Mac or Linux, without having to download any applications. There is also an Android-compatible version of the General English programme for Tablets and Smartphones.  Naturally, this course can be accessed anywhere.

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It’s up to you!  It’s as easy as ABC:  the course is always available 24/7, with tested and proven programmes.

Besides, your Speaking skills can be improved by combining My Course ©  with physical classroom lessons (ClassLearn ©) or with the  Speak & Write ©  method, which lets you choose between telephone courses or live virtual classroom lessons.


Please note

My Course © is integrated with My Activity ©  and  Speak & Write! ©  within the EduCentre © platform, blending Assisted Distance Learning (ADL) with e-learning, telephone, virtual classroom and physical classroom programmes.

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In addition, students can access the Virtual Language Lab (My Lab ©) with the benefit of unlimited, 12-month access to additional Audio – Video and Interactive activities to improve Listening Comprehension, Reading, Writing, Grammar, Vocabulary and Pronunciation skills.